OMLA is a career networking group consisting of Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Appraisers, Home Inspectors and Insurance Professionals. We meet monthly for dinner and invite guest speakers to discuss topics relating to the mortgage industry.

The OMLA is an organization of those representatives of companies, other incorporated bodies and private firms engaged or involved in the business of property purchase and mortgage lending in the Okanagan.

The objectives of the OMLA are as follows:

  1. To examine, consider and voice opinions concerning any proposed or existing legislation in any way affecting mortgages or the business transacted by them.
  2. The creation and maintenance of mutual confidence between mortgages and the general public.
  3. The securing of united action in connection with proposed or existing legislation so as to obtain the best possible legislation not only in the general interest of mortgages but also of the general public.
  4. The discussion and promotion of all matters affecting the general interest of the members of the Association.
  5. The Cooperation for a common interest with other associations pursuing any of the foregoing objects.
  6. Such other objects of common interest as may from time to time arise.

It is distinctly understood that the Association is not for the purpose of affecting, in any way, rates of interest, and it shall not be within the province of the Association to discuss any matter or take any action that could directly or indirectly interfere with free competition amongst companies, associations, firms and individuals in connection with the business of investing and lending mortgage capital and any company or individual represented in this Association shall be free to lend its money at any rate of interest or any terms that it deems proper, and the Association shall not be used in any manner as a combination of the said companies, associations, firms and individuals as against the borrowing public.

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